21 days to change a habit

In entrepreneurs, lifestyle by Marijo Cuerrier

It has been quite an exciting and unexpected year here at Dtour Creative. I have learned tons. I have interacted with people all over the world. I have been humbled and defeated and in the next breath, elated and full of joy! I have had the privilege of working with some amazing business owners and entrepreneurs, and I have met some equally amazing people in my industry.
This summer, as the company ramped up into a steady busy – sometimes too busy – pace, I slowly started to feel like I was loosing control of my life. I started to carry a bit more weight than I like to, began having sleep difficulties, my stress level was ramping up right alongside the business successes, I couldn’t seem to find time for anything other than work. By the end of a busy October, I really wondered if I had made the right choice. Did I have what it took to be self-employed. It would be so much easier to work for someone else again. At least I would have my weekends and holidays.

Making healthy choices – 1 week at a time

Then something happened. I showed up to one of my Pilates classes at Mindful Movements. I had missed it the past number of weeks because I was working into the evenings and couldn’t seem to find the time. After class, I got talking to my instructor and told her I was feeling a bit out of control in regards to my physical self. I confided that I was eating spoonfuls of Nutella (my husband bought it for me – I know better than to have it in the house) and I couldn’t seem to stop. She challenged me to stop eating chocolate for 1 week. That was the turning point for me.

I showed up for class 7 days later and there was Vicky, my instructor. “How did you do?” she asked.
“I did it.” I smiled. She challenged me to stop another bad habit for the next seven days, so I chose refined sugar. So I went through the next 7 days sans chocolate and sans sugar. I showed up to my next Pilates beaming. When Vicky inquired as to my progress, again I was able to say “I did it.”
And from there, my life changed. I started showing up for classes. I also had some credits with a personal trainer in town from Living Energy – so I booked those. I continued with Vicky’s challenges, moving on to stopping a bad habit each week and replacing it with a good habit. Lastly, I booked my make-up classes at Mindful Movements and tried Hot Yoga. Hot Yoganot only introduced further physical balance into my life, but also spiritual balance I needed – allowing me to let go of things and connect with something larger than myself.

Using spare time wisely

There were other things too. I took Facebook off of my portable devices. I started to take personal interest in our finances and am working on staying in budget, both personal and business. My husband, dog and I have started to walk each night, and some mornings. I started to make time to reconnect with friends and family – in person when I can – viaFacetime when I can’t.
Life is back in balance. I am a happier person and am able to once again see and truly appreciate all the incredible things that life has given me. I look forward to 2015 and helping more business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. I am fortunate to have a passion for my work, the skill to make a difference in peoples lives and the ability to make it all come together into my day-to-day.
I hope that the holidays bring you and your family much laughter, joy, peace and time to connect. Thank you for supporting me in my entrepreneurial adventure!