4 reasons why hiring a professional web designer is essential for your success

In Web Design by Marijo Cuerrier

I have been in the business of marketing for most of my adult life and have been a professional graphic designer for over 12 years. Like any industry that has tools-of-the-trade available to anyone – many for free or little cost – I spend a lot of time justifying the reasons why a business should hire a professional to take care of their marketing, and web presence. Here are

4 reasons to invest in the pros:

1. You are not just another pretty face

Have you ever met someone who at first glance has it all together but as you get to know them, you realize that underneath the makeup and hairspray, they are terribly insecure? Website design can be like that. There are endless web software companies out there there that allow you to create a visually stunning site, but unless you know what you are doing, there can be site load time and navigation issues, browser issues, SEO issues and the list goes on – making for a very insecure website. When creating a website you want to make sure your customer can actually find you online and – once they are there – wants to do business with you.

2. Don’t blink – the first 3 seconds are critical

By nature, human beings are attracted to visuals. That’s why sites like Pinterest and Instagram are so popular. Professional graphic designers and web designers have been trained in making imagery and messaging look great, in print and online. The human eye takes in a crazy amount of information within the first 3 seconds of interaction with a print or media piece. If the visuals are low quality, stretched, poorly shot, not balanced within the page layout, your customer will immediately feel confused and mistrustful of your business. It creates a negative arousal that will permeate in all your interactions going forward. Not a nice way to start a relationship.

3. Graphic Designers don’t usually offer to fix your toilet or fill a cavity

Many of the people I have the honour of working with are very good at what they do, but they are not always good at marketing or promoting themselves and almost always need help translating what they do well to their customers. They are professionals at what they do and they deserve professional workmanship when it comes to their marketing and online presence. If I was to try to teach a yoga class or train my misbehaving dog, I could attempt to do it, but the result would probably not be very pretty – especially in the case of yoga ;-).

4. We have connections

Just like any industry, Graphic Designers have a wealth of connections when it comes to design, print and online stuff. Most of us (I know I do) live and breathe our trade. We can get better rates. We know which companies do what and who does it the best and within your budget. In my case, that all flows back to my clients and translates into a better relationship with their customers.

To sum it up, sure, there are many ways to brand your company in print and online. There are also many ways that will damage the company reputation that you have worked so hard to build. Invest in your brand. It will pay off in the long run – and short.