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Do you need a Part-time Marketing Department?

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Do you need help marketing your business but can't afford to hire a marketing expert? We offer 1/2 and full day marketing packages for small to medium-sized businesses. We help with content creation, website updates, e-mail marketing, campaigns, promotions, contests, graphic design services & advertising management.

There is a preconceived expectation that as a business owner marketing should come naturally to you and you should automatically have all the skills needed to build your brand, identify your market, get your message to them and then get them to make a purchase.

    The fact is you are probably busy doing what you do best - running the business.

    Over the past few years I have noticed that the clients have the most success are the ones that know they cannot do it all and trust professionals to do what they do best. Sounds like a brilliant idea right? But not everyone can afford to do this. That's why we offer Part Time Marketing Services & Pricing for small to medium-sized businesses.

    What does that mean exactly? It means that you have access to all that a full time marketing director would offer you, without the commitment or addition to your payroll.

    How does it work?

    1. Analyze what you can afford to spend on your current marketing project (rule of thumb: budget 5%-10% of your projected revenue - depending on what your goals are).
    2. Book an online meeting with Dtour Creative to go over your priorities and goals discuss the vision for your project.
    3. Together we can decide on what monthly package will meet your needs, keeping in mind that some of your marketing budget will go to hard costs ie. advertising, printing.
    4. Secure your monthly package to ensure you are included in  our monthly schedule.
    5.  We get down to the business of helping you succeed!

    You only commit a month at a time, allowing for ebbs and flows of your business needs. The higher the package, the lower the rate.

    Available Marketing Services

    Relevant text, blog writing, images/photos, video, infographics, illustration
    Content is the key to success in the online world for 2 reasons: Google favours sites that have fresh, relevant content. Client engagement - blogs, imagery, video, events keep your company top of mind with clients and potential clients.

    Sourcing, Negotiating Rate, Campaign Creation, Scheduling
    Are you inundated with sales reps asking for your marketing $$ and feel overwhelmed with the process? We can help you to make the best decision for your company when it comes to advertising spend. We work with advertising outlets in print, radio & online to manage the creative process from start to finish.

    Website Audit, SEO improvement
    Websites are often the first point of contact for a potential client and if your website is static, slow, not easily found, has outdated information - it's a turn off. It's like hanging a 'closed' sign on your front door. There are many cost effective ways to keep your website up-to-date. 

    'BUY MY STUFF!' gets old really fast when trying to entice your audience to use your services or make a purchase. How do you continue to engage your audience without driving them crazy with the same old message. It takes brainstorming and creative thinking to come up with promotions that work for you and that your clients see value in.

    Growing your database. Targeted E-mail campaigns to your audience.
    One of the most cost effective ways to keep in contact with your clients is by e-mail. We can help you build your email list, design a visually attractive email template, create compelling content to reach and engage your audience.

    Brochures, Print & Digital Advertising, Signage, E-Books, Logo Creation, Branding
    From business cards to billboards, whether it's print or digital, great marketing starts with professional graphic design. In today's online world there are many services that make the world of design easy and cheap. 

    Packages and Pricing

    Packages can be booked at the time that best suits your needs, for instance if you want to have promotions complete for the beginning of each month, then booking time half way through the month would be best. Onsite presence (I work from your location) can be arranged. Please call to discuss.

    Half Day Packages

    Half Day Packages include:
    4 hours of time booked per day

    1 HALF DAY PER MONTH - $248
    5% savings*

    2 HALF DAYS PER MONTH - $472
    9% savings*

    3 HALF DAYS PER MONTH - $672
    14% savings*

    4 HALF DAYS PER MONTH - $ 848
    18% savings*

    Full Day Packages

    Full Day Packages include:
    8 hours of time booked per day. 

    1 FULL DAY PER MONTH - $440
    15% savings*

    2 FULL DAYS PER MONTH - $800
    23% savings*

    3 FULL DAYS PER MONTH - $1080
    31% savings*

    4 FULL DAYS PER MONTH - $ 1280
    38% savings*

    Terms and Conditions: Packages must be booked in advance and are dependent on availability. Package payment is due upon booking. Online or in-person meetings will be deducted from the package time. Fees for hard costs ie. advertising, printing, specific software, are not included in package pricing and will be billed separately.  Commitment is month-to-month and can be set up as a reoccurring payment upon request. Remaining time cannot be put forward to the next month - use it or lose it. An alert email will be sent to you at 80% of the committed time at which time you can purchase another package or you can continue hourly at a rate of $65/hour. The above rates are subject to HST.
    * savings calculation is based on an hourly rate of $65/hour.


    Contact us to discuss what package best suits your needs.

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