Web Site Hosting, Belleville, Ontario

Website Hosting at Dtour Creative

Websites need to live somewhere in order for your clients to find your business. There are many hosting solutions out there and it's important to ensure that your hosting solution is going to meet your needs.

Dtour Creative offers website hosting exclusively to WordPress Websites. We feel we have one of the best hosting solutions in the Quinte Region, offering  superior site speed and site security as well as site maintenance for a reasonable rate - so that you can have peace-of-mind when it comes to your online presence.

Dtour Creative offers Locally managed, fully dedicated server with 24 CPU cores and 768 Gig of SSD redundant hard drives. This server is both fast and only hosts sites maintained by Dtour Creative and 1 Collaborative Partner. 24/7 managed support by Liquid Web.

Most sites are on what is called a ‘shared service’ which means there are multiple ‘owners’ with websites on the server and usually a great number of them. Security practices vary with these type of servers. In our case, the sites are maintained ONLY by Dtour and 1 Collaborative Partner. Hence the security practices are consistent.

We provide free SSL certificates and we also use CDN to further improve speed and provide additional security protection (particularly for Denial of Service attacks). We take security very seriously. We employ a significant number of security protocols to help ensure that our websites do not get hacked.

As well we use ManageWP to monitor all of our sites to keep WordPress, our themes and plugins up to date, and to do backups a minimum of monthly. We can do backups as frequently as daily if desired (at a small additional charge). We also have additional features such as uptime monitoring (again, at a small additional charge).