“Why not you?” Lessons from Jennifer Botteril

In entrepreneurs, inspiration by Marijo Cuerrier

As you know I am a new entrepreneur and even though my job focuses on helping entrepreneurs succeed, I also have to work at making my business a success. I am learning new things every day as I go forward in business. Sometimes learning is fun and energizes you, sometimes it’s hard slogging and takes some discipline to follow through,  and sometimes is down right embarrassing – I have too many of those to share!
So, mainly to keep me humble and also to entertain you, I thought I would include the occasional blog post about lessons I have learned. Sometimes it will be business related, and sometimes it will be life related. I hope you enjoy. As always, I will try to keep it short.

The most valuable lesson I learned this past few weeks was this:

If you want something in life, go get it.

As 3 time Gold Medalist Olympian Jennifer Botterill stated in an evening of networking at the Women’s Sales & Ad Clubdinner at Occasions By the Bay in Quinte: “Why not you?” A question her dad asked her when she shared with him as a young girl that she wanted to be in the Olympics one day. Most times the only thing in the way of my own happiness and success is myself: my fear of failure, my fear of being laughed at, my fear of being rejected, my ability to be distracted by life/nature/chocolate.lab/chocolate.in.general. So I am working really hard at pushing past my own, self imposed restrictions  and live with the attitude “Why not you?”.